WordPress Food Recipe Theme – Best of 2014

Foodrecipe wordpress theme

The best WordPress recipe theme is Food Recipe, this theme has a good feel and look that makes it a must get for anyone who wants to have a professional recipe site. Some details and feature I found fascinating is the Micro-data  implementation for Recipe pages, and the need to use less plugin for functions like reviews, contact page among many others.  This is the ideal recipe theme and the very best for 2014. To have this theme developed by a web programmer or developer could cost over $2000, which is available at almost a give away price […]

Product review writing guide and tips

review theme

Product review writing guide and tips                 If a web surfer wants a new camera, there are criteria and variety of choices to consider; however selecting the best one might be difficult to do, so they search the web for more information about the product or service. To grab their attention you need to know how to write a good review, there are guides and tips for writing a great product or service review. Writing should be your own experience; your writing tone should be personal. This should be your own personal account and review of the product. Give your […]