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Product review writing guide and tips

Product review writing guide and tips                

review themeIf a web surfer wants a new camera, there are criteria and variety of choices to consider; however selecting the best one might be difficult to do, so they search the web for more information about the product or service. To grab their attention you need to know how to write a good review, there are guides and tips for writing a great product or service review.

  • Writing should be your own experience; your writing tone should be personal. This should be your own personal account and review of the product.
  • Give your own personal opinion – It is good if you have used the product, you can state your opinion and how you perceive the product.
  • You will add more flavour if you make comparison, compare two or more similar products. This gives credence to your review, as an experienced user.
  • A good review must be graded on several factors: You must break down the product or service into several grading factors. E.g. Quality, handling, value, support, speed.
  • Indicate price of the product or service – You need to convert to sales, it is important you include the price and if there is a discount state it. Give information about the price advantage or benefit.
  • Recommend it for certain users: “It is ideal for” can be used to specify ideal buyers of the product. E.g. environmentally concerned individuals can buy web host from “Fatcow” its 100% powered by wind energy.
  • Create a good screen shot of the product or make a video: This will bring life to your review. A video or image will support your stand; readers will visualize your points.
  • If possible give success stories – How has the product help you achieve a goal that seem difficult or pressing? Readers can be motivated easily by success stories.
  • Reviews must be rated to give a clear rank: Giving your reviewed products ranks shows the strength of the product or service in a symbolic form. Rating between 1 – 5 stars is usually effective.
  • Include your affiliate links and a check it out, download or visit site button. It is important you include your affiliate link to the product website. Add it on the action button, so that interested readers who are taking action can buy from your link.
  • You may add pros and cons if applicable. Additional features like pros and cons are usually ideal if the product is a software or related product. Pros and cons could be in price, size, features, etc.

It is important you take action; we want you to take action, follow the review writing guide and tips and come up with a great product review. We recommend you use a review theme or plugin to achieve a good result.


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