WordPress Food Recipe Theme – Best of 2014

Foodrecipe wordpress theme

The best WordPress recipe theme is Food Recipe, this theme has a good feel and look that makes it a must get for anyone who wants to have a professional recipe site. Some details and feature I found fascinating is the scheme.org Micro-data  implementation for Recipe pages, and the need to use less plugin for functions like reviews, contact page among many others.  This is the ideal recipe theme and the very best for 2014. To have this theme developed by a web programmer or developer could cost over $2000, which is available at almost a give away price […]

WordPress review themes and plugins for 2014

Do you want to create a review theme, here is the best of WordPress review themes and plugins for 2014. This themes and plugins have been tested and found to be reliable. My choice is however based on aesthetics, features, ease of installation and SEO. If you want to make some money online you will easily make one in a review niche, you update once in a while, it does not require you putting up frequent post. Updates come from you and your readers as they recount their experience about the products reviewed. Amazon affiliates are not left out, […]

Page Rank in 2014

From PR0 to PR2 in 18days To attain this status the website must be optimized for search engine spiders to read and grade the site based on Google’s algorithm. The page rank of a website is viewed in two ways: A reflection of the sites authority and relevance A domain that you can get link juice from. The views reflects the way internet markets value the page rank, some go out off their way to get the page rank, to have an edge over lesser sites with lower rank. While some see the opportunity of selling links to other […]

25 important wordpress plugins for your blog


You need to have these important WordPress plugins for your blog; because it gives you a great advantage. At least 80% of the list below must be installed on your WordPress blog. Though there are other plugins relevant to certain niches, these ones are important for all niche types. Akismet: This is a great plugin for blocking spam comment on your site; it comes as a default plugin on your WordPress installation. SEO Ultimate: If you want to control your SEO efforts this is a great plugin. Add description, title tag, no follow, anchor links and many more. All […]

Product review writing guide and tips

review theme

Product review writing guide and tips                 If a web surfer wants a new camera, there are criteria and variety of choices to consider; however selecting the best one might be difficult to do, so they search the web for more information about the product or service. To grab their attention you need to know how to write a good review, there are guides and tips for writing a great product or service review. Writing should be your own experience; your writing tone should be personal. This should be your own personal account and review of the product. Give your […]

Top WordPress Plugin 2014

Essential WordPress Plugins

Essential WordPress plugin list that gives you unfair advantage This essential WordPress plugin list gives you an advantage over your competitor. Attributes emphasized by this plugins does not only enhance productivity, it improves your blogging skills and deliver more result. Akismet – auto antispam bot All in one SEO package – This gets your site SEO optimized Auto Tagger – Automatically finds tags based on your articles content. Autoposters plugins package – automatically posts products descriptions with reviews from famous Amazon stores. Your visitors also have the opportunity to post their own reviews. Backup Buddy, Backup Buddy Backup, Restoration, & Migration Tool Laconica.  On […]