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You need to have these important WordPress plugins for your blog; because it gives you a great advantage. At least 80% of the list below must be installed on your WordPress blog. Though there are other plugins relevant to certain niches, these ones are important for all niche types.

  1. Akismet: This is a great plugin for blocking spam comment on your site; it comes as a default plugin on your WordPress installation.
  2. SEO Ultimate: If you want to control your SEO efforts this is a great plugin. Add description, title tag, no follow, anchor links and many more.
  3. All in One SEO Pack: As the name implies, it is an all encompassing plugin, preferred by most bloggers.
  4. Smart Link: This plugin adds internal links to your post, links post content to your pages or category.seo smart link
  5. Links – Pretty links or Gocodes: You can choose between these two plugins, if you want a clean link for your affiliate links this is the plugin that get the job done.
  6. Google XML Sitemap: You need to create a sitemap to allow Google bot or spider to crawl your site easily. This plugin does the job for you.
  7. W3 Total Cache: Google prefer sites that loads very fast, this plugin keeps a cache of your site and loads your page quickly upon request.
  8. Backup Buddy: This is insurance for your site data and content. This plugin automates backup process and keeps it in a secure location of choice.
  9. Pop up domination: Do you love to build your opt in list, this plugin improves your opt in conversion by 300%.
  10. Seopressor or Easy WP SEO: These plugins analyse your content based on SEO factors. It gives each blog post an SEO score; the higher result gives you a well optimized content and search engine ranking.
  11. Podcasting Plugin by TSG: If you give seminars, tutorials, how to, or guides. This plugin will help you deliver your audio content effectively.
  12. Digg Digg: This plugin adds social media buttons to your site; it comes with several formatting options.
  13. Easy Privacy Policy: Google loves sites with privacy policy and disclaimers. This plugin helps you add this at the footer of your site.
  14. Easy Peasy AdSense: If you monetize your site with AdSense, you can include control how and where your ads are viewed with this plugin.
  15. Broken Link checker: Broken links can drop your site ranking on the search engine. This might be a cumbersome exercise if you have several posts on your blog. This plugin done that job for you.
  16. Polls: Create polls seamlessly on your blog and share it also on Facebook and Twitter.
  17. MP3 Player and Downloader: Do you want to distribute audio content on your blog. You can upload, share and track downloads with this plugin.
  18. Contact form 7: Allows you to add a quick and easy contact form on your blog.
  19. Amazon S3: If you have an amazon S3 storage account this plugin will integrate your account with your blog. amazon s3
  20. Foobar: This plugin shows an awesome notification and great for placing notice on top of your blog, you can also add Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Icon.
  21. Google Analytics: This plugin allows you to track and get a clear analysis of your blog traffic.
  22. Tweet Meme: It is a one click way for users to share your blog post. You can track result too.
  23. SEO Friendly Images: Do you remember to include the alt tag and title for your images; this simple plugin does the job for you.
  24. Thank Me Latter: This plugin makes you a friendly blogger; it sends a short note to your first time visitors. You can write a mail to refer them to read great post on your blog, RSS, Facebook or Twitter.
  25.  CB Net Ping Optimizer: This plugin pings your post whenever you publish fresh post.

Which one do you find interesting, share your thoughts. See the related post for more articles inline with important WordPress plugins for your blog.

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