WordPress review themes and plugins for 2014

Do you want to create a review theme, here is the best of WordPress review themes and plugins for 2014. This themes and plugins have been tested and found to be reliable. My choice is however based on aesthetics, features, ease of installation and SEO. If you want to make some money online you will easily make one in a review niche, you update once in a while, it does not require you putting up frequent post. Updates come from you and your readers as they recount their experience about the products reviewed. Amazon affiliates are not left out, […]

How to increase blog traffic 20 methods

marketing revenue analytics and metrics

There are different ways to generate blog traffic, you might have been stuck after building your site and adding a great content, and surprised to see little or no traffic. Whenever you check your stats, you find out that the only visitor to the site is you. This has happened too many of us, at one time or the other. If this seems to be a challenge, how do bloggers surmount this stage?  The solution could be simple or complex, this is due to several factors like, finance, focus, action, passion, direction, relevance, precision, timing, location among several other […]

Page Rank in 2014

From PR0 to PR2 in 18days To attain this status the website must be optimized for search engine spiders to read and grade the site based on Google’s algorithm. The page rank of a website is viewed in two ways: A reflection of the sites authority and relevance A domain that you can get link juice from. The views reflects the way internet markets value the page rank, some go out off their way to get the page rank, to have an edge over lesser sites with lower rank. While some see the opportunity of selling links to other […]

Importance of Marketing

Marketing is a non- negligible aspect of business because it contributes immensely to the growth of an organization. Production and distribution companies who achieve immerse profits can be attributed to a certain percentage of their budget to marketing. There is a difference between marketing and sales; marketing covers the aspect of promotions, advertising and public enlightenment whereas a sale is a process of introducing your product or service into the market and encouraging the patronage from the buying public. Since the aim of marketing is to make the product or service widely known and acceptable to the market. In […]

Guerilla Marketing Ideas, Examples and Tactics

Guerilla Marketing is an advertising strategy focused on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum result. Guerilla marketing was coined by Jay Conrad Levinsion in 1984 in his book “Guerrilla Advertising” and was inspired by guerrilla warfare where a member of a small groups of fighters who makes a sudden attacks on their enemies. It often involves unconventional and non traditional ideas that cost very little to execute and implement, so therefore the link involve is minimal. Primary aim of guerilla strategies is to get your business name in front of as many people as possible in non traditional […]

8 ways to prevent start up mishap

startup mishap

 Entrepreneurship involves a lot of risk and it is all about taking the risk. No one plans or prays for his/her business to go negatively, as much as we wish everything to go as smooth as possible there is ‘’no sure’’ thing in business and when doing business a lot of things can actually go wrong when starting up a business and another thing is that there is always the possibility of failure. That is why we must however plan to manage and reduce the risk to the barest minimum when starting up a business. A lot of pitfalls […]

Guide to Marketing Metrics and Marketing Analytics

marketing metrics and analytics

Over 40% – 50% qualified marketers have no idea of what a 10% increase in budget could do for their companies. If you belong to the group of 40% – 50%  then you will have difficulties protecting your budget rather you might end up asking yourself this question ‘’what is going to happen now since my budget  has been cut down by 10%?’’ You won’t expect an organization to place a great value on something that is unquantifiable. This guide will help you answer key questions bothering your mind like: What are the most important marketing metrics that I […]

How to get a marketing Career

Marketing career

Choosing a career in marketing is quite enjoyable and fun if you create a passion for it. Most people who choose a career in marketing and are actively involved in marketing has always said that it has provided them with the kind of challenge they have always craved for. Do you have all what it takes to be a successful marketer? Are you an engine filled with ideas and can generate new and innovative ideas? Can you organize those ideas and innovations and communicate it verbally? Can you work independently with little or no supervision? Can you communicate your […]