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  • Elements of a Business Plan

    A good business empire will flourish when properly and adequately planned. After considering the fact that you need a good business plan, then you will need to spend sometime doing a business survey and research. To be successful in your business, you must have useful information and all key information written down on paper. Although, […]

  • 8 ways to prevent start up mishap

    8 ways to prevent start up mishap

     Entrepreneurship involves a lot of risk and it is all about taking the risk. No one plans or prays for his/her business to go negatively, as much as we wish everything to go as smooth as possible there is ‘’no sure’’ thing in business and when doing business a lot of things can actually go […]

  • How to get funds through Crowdfunding

    How to get funds through Crowdfunding

     Raising capital for business or business expansion through a working capital from bank is always tedious and rigorous activities and it involves a lot of processes and often times it is often unsuccessful process, however crowdfunding provides the answer. Crowdfunding describes the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, usually via internet […]

  • Guide to Marketing Metrics and Marketing Analytics

    Guide to Marketing Metrics and Marketing Analytics

    Over 40% – 50% qualified marketers have no idea of what a 10% increase in budget could do for their companies. If you belong to the group of 40% – 50%  then you will have difficulties protecting your budget rather you might end up asking yourself this question ‘’what is going to happen now since […]

  • How to turn an idea into a business.

    How to turn an idea into a business.

     For many business minded people and entrepreneurs it often easier to come up with a variety of ideas for a new business and difficult to actually implement those concepts, a business concepts is a bridge between a idea and a business plan. To convert an idea into a business idea it requires adequate thinking and […]

  • Technological Factors Affecting Business

    Technological Factors Affecting Business

    The trend in which the world is advancing technologically is quite rapid, now virtually every facet of life has been positively or negatively affected you. The growth and development in technology can help improve positively productivity of the labour force, and also reduce drastically the transportation costs, communication costs, distribution costs and production costs. A […]

  • Impact of Technology on Business

    Impact of Technology on Business

    On the emergence of computer, handheld devices, smart phones or other communication devices. Computer has made it easier to organize files, database, personal schedules and various other forms of essential information. Information is now disseminated in a more faster and reliable means, the barriers of distance gradually fades away, and networking other business across the […]