Technology in business world

Impact of Technology on Business

Technology in business world
Technology in business world

On the emergence of computer, handheld devices, smart phones or other communication devices. Computer has made it easier to organize files, database, personal schedules and various other forms of essential information.

Information is now disseminated in a more faster and reliable means, the barriers of distance gradually fades away, and networking other business across the global has been made easier through the means of internet and many business deals are easily facilitated.  Smart phones like blackberries, HTC, iphones have now become widely popular for businesses, because they let users check and send emails from anywhere and also surf the internet.
 Flexible Workspace

In the time past the bulk storage device are used to store up data and to retrieve information is tedious, the emergence of new technological innovations has helped faced out large space area to store up data. Nowadays, business can be carried out from the convenience of your home and not necessarily physically present. Many organizations are permitting flexible work environments. The use of corporate emails, Skype and other video supported IM chat network where you can make conference chat, talk and video chat has made working away from your office easier and better.

The setback by working away from home is that the other employees cannot communicate with other employees working from home until they log on their computer, handheld device or smart phones.

Quick Information dissemination/retrieval

The emerging use of more developed technical innovations has help to transmit news from the point of coverage and delivered straight to the transmitting station. There are now many ways of propagating news and information through the internet, blogs, online social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, blackberry messenger, 2go, Whatsapp, Linkedln and many more.

Nowadays, you can access your news, sport, breaking news, live scores of soccers matches through your mobile phones, iphones, computers, smart phones and other handheld device reducing the sole reliance on TV’s and Radio’s

Quick Medical Attentions

Gone are the days when you have to wait longer hours or even days to get a test result of your body checkups. Now you can get your result in minutes through the means of many new and increasing technological methods of reducing cumbersome analysis and tests. There are improved operation and monitoring equipment’s, which helps to reduce the loss of lives while operating and also to monitor after the operation.

Expedite Financial Transaction

The increase in more advance and technological means of banking approaches has help tremendously to reduce and eradicate long queues in banking halls. It has help to cut down cost and increase productivity and reduce space of files, because files and documents can now be kept on computers. The use of e-banking, POS, ATM has made it easier to access your funds and transact business anytime and anywhere with no fatigue or hassle. International and local transfer can now be sent and received from the convenience of your room, office or anywhere within minutes.

You can purchase goods/service online without having to visit the store or offices with the use of a credit card or a debit card, paypal or bank transfer. And also you can compare prices from similar stores/companies offering the same product/services.

Small business too, have become less cumbersome to start up using the internet. You can sell small goods online by just placing it on an auction site like ebay and you can then sell and make profit, get it shipped over to your customers. Business conducted online must put into consideration security, privacy or copyright issues making sure your business is not replicating someone else’s work like logo’s and designs.







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