Guerilla Marketing Ideas, Examples and Tactics

Guerilla Marketing is an advertising strategy focused on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum result.

Guerilla marketing was coined by Jay Conrad Levinsion in 1984 in his book “Guerrilla Advertising” and was inspired by guerrilla warfare where a member of a small groups of fighters who makes a sudden attacks on their enemies.

It often involves unconventional and non traditional ideas that cost very little to execute and implement, so therefore the link involve is minimal.

Primary aim of guerilla strategies is to get your business name in front of as many people as possible in non traditional marketing strategies.

I will be highlighting some key elements to guerilla marketing. And these are:

Guerrilla Marketing Strategies and Tactics.

Social Networking Sites.

The use of social networking websites like Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ plus and Youtube receives millions of daily hits and you are free to join,  register and post your business profile, exciting pictures and videos. And, also include a link back to your main website so the viewers can find out more about your product / services.

Maximize Your Surroundings

Organize captivating shows to attract your targeted audience like dance shows, street dance and parties in an intelligent and not affecting the flow of traffics and pedestrian inconvenience for example of such is Nigerian Breweries Organizing Star Trek Shows inviting top artist to perform live and entrance fee is free.

Mobile Marketing

There are over Billions Mobile Phones users in Nigeria and mobile advert campaign through sms and It can be used to communicate and reach out to a lot of target audience at a more cheaper rate.

Be Aggressive with follow-up

How often do you lose out on many opportunities because you are too worried on not disturbing or annoying your clients or being seen as desperate? What you have to do is to derive a well-timed plan for follow up and take note of each steps all through

Street/highway Billboard Installation.

Street billboard installation will never go away as it is one of the founding principles of guerrilla marketing; although now we see a digital trend as many digital billboards has been seen on major streets. When you use a eye catchy billboards that will call the attention of passerby to notice your display and you must enticing words.


Handbills can be used to pass messages about a product or service without need to break a bank to do so. The graphics and colour separations used must be eye catchy and must not be too borgous and must pass your message to recipients .

Go Door to Door

You can do a door to door advertisement to do your marketing using word or mouth. You don’t need to invest big to do that, you must know more about your product and services and avoid the use of exaggerating words so you will not pass a message to your prospect has another sales trap.

Partner with local business

You can partner with local business group working in related to your line of business. For example you are an estate agent you can partner with building contractors and architects to land you deals.

Jingles and promos

Little promo’s and minute jingles on radio can serve as another medium of marketing that you won’t need to break the bank to do it and it will reach out to a lot of prospects far and near. Doing little promos like giving out souvenirs to clients on visit or festive period can leave a lasting impression on prospects to want to do more business with you. You can give out discount to first 10 prospects or clients that patronize you.

Guerrilla Marketing strategies and tactics
Guerrilla Marketing strategies


The Guerrilla strategies and tactics are often used by new companies and market challengers.







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