How to find social deals on Facebook.

If you are one of the millions who don’t have a Facebook account, please take a few seconds to go online and sign up not just only for social networking but also for the great deals, discount and free gifts.

Facebook Deals is a new offering, is a big business driven force that all business should pay attention to.


What is Facebook Deals?

Facebook announced some cool mobile tricks on the 3rd of November, 2010 which includes the ability to offer special deals to Facebook users who participate in the Facebook location-based services.


 Getting Started with Facebook.

Most of all companies in diverse industries (esp. retail or travel) are members on Facebook. I am going to highlight some useful steps to get started.

a.     Signup an  account/use an existing Facebook account

If you have already signed up for an account on Facebook then you don’t need to register for another account. And if you don’t have an existing account you then need to sign up for an account on Facebook to get started.

b.     Finding your old friends, classmates, colleagues, relatives, business associates and making new friends.

You will need to network your old friends, colleagues, relatives and can  also make new friends. It is not limited to ‘real’ friends also your favourite artist, sportman, and also can add favourite stores like Macys, Jcpenney, Sears, Mcdonalds.

c.      Liking  a merchant page

Let your friends know what you “Like” on Facebook. It may sound strange but it pays big when you indicate you like a favourite brand, company, store or orgainsation such as sears, Jcpenney, Gap, Jcwhitney, Perfumania, Nike, Cadbury, University of Alabama, Howard University and others, and when you like each merchant will reward you with special deals that is mouth watering that cant be found anywhere even in there store. Please note, these deals come from merchants and not from Facebook. By clicking “Like” every merchants pages of interest you are automatically include in business emails and discount notifications

d.     Proper planning

You must not expect to find great deals from the business you are interested in right away after liking there pages. It might take some time before they offer promotions, discount free shipping or free gift for a purchase. There are different kinds of deals.

  • Individual deals is a personal discount for a product or services. For example macys offering discounts for every purchase made or free shipping for orders over 50usd or you are offered a free travel bag for purchase of a christain dior perfume on perfumania.
  • Charity deals: this when a merchant pledges to donate for a causes for each buy or check-ins. For examples for every purchase of a particular product a portion of the cost or profit is donated for charity purposes.
  • Loyalty Deals: These types of deal for been a regular or frequent client or customer. For examples are when you purchase a goods on Jcpenney and you get extra 100usd towards your next purchase
  • Friends deals: These are deals for checking with 2 or more friends to claim offer together. For example when you get a discount on Mcdonalds when you come to eat with 4  of your friends


To recap, on the useful steps you can take to get yourself a deal on Facebook are:

  • Sign up an  account/use an existing Facebook account
  • Finding your old friends, classmates, colleagues, relatives, business associates and making new friends.
  • Liking  a merchant page
  • Proper planning






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