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List of skills in detail

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List of skills in detail

There are different skills available; our list of skills will identify the various skills and how to harness them.

We are people of diverse attribute and abilities, even Siamese twins do have different abilities. What are you good at? Are you finding it difficult to identify the skill set you have.

Are you writing a resume, or thinking of developing a skill set you’ve got. Here are the various skills available

Interpersonal skills: This is seen in most resume, I doubt if most resume writer understand the meaning of interpersonal skill. It simply means developing relationship with people, having such skill qualifies you as a team member.

Study skills: You may be surprised to see study skills here; if you find it difficult to study then you need to know how to study. We are all born with study skills, you studied older people to communicate, walk, even eat though it might seem to be a natural instinct, so his study skills.

Overtime we tend to suppress this skills in favour of other passion, though we think it is suppressed it is still there. Our mind makes us shift focus from study to other things of passion and often relegate the thought of study.

The greatest attribute of study skills is focus, determination and persistence. “Punish disobedience with obedience”, what do I mean, when you feel like doing other things, make up your mind to study. Draw up a guide, write motivational notes and stick it where you can always see it. Understand your style, are you the type that visualize, hear or feel?

Read more on study skills here

Job skills: There are skills you acquire to do a job, I can be an accountant and be a good one at it, and however I can acquire additional job skills that make me more productive and efficient. I might know how to use a spread sheet in a way my contemporaries see as exceptional.

Listening skills: A wise man is slow to speak but quick to listen, some people argue that silence might be misconstrued. I bet to disagree, been slow to speak does not mean you won’t speak, it gives an edge over the speaker. Great salesmen listen a lot, this might be verbal or non verbal. A good skill a counsellor once advised is to count 1 to 10 before responding in a quarrel or argument. Listening has immerse benefit give it a shot today.

Social skills: This is one skill set you have to consciously develop; it starts with a simple greeting and a smile. You must be confident, bold, and vocal. Working your way in a social gathering is excellent for networking; however the merits are way too much. Acceptance is a confidence builder; you can be social online via Facebook, Twitter and othSkills - Social and communicationer social media, or offline by attending functions, events, conferences, social clubs and meetings. You can start by improving your relationship with those close to you then work your way up.

Communication skill: This is the epitome of all skills, this comprises of verbal and non verbal skills. A lot of skill to acquire however, communication is a natural instinct that can be improved. Clarity, composure, gesture, tone, facial expression, style, friendliness, confidence, and knowledge on the issue will make a complete communication skill. If you want to get it right be focused and determined.

Writing skill: Writing is not the exclusive reserve for authors, poets, speech writers, bloggers, politicians, academics, journalist and artists. It is a perquisite to achieve great heights, imagine if all the great writing we read today were not documented, that includes this piece.

Writing requires planning, you need to compress your thoughts into a topic, then get a tagline that summarises the whole idea, break your topic into sub topics and break each sub topics into points. Give solution where necessary, be precise and direct. It is important you research your topic well enough, and conclude nicely.

Reading skill: I have learnt to read properly, before now I auto suggest whenever I read or give a hovering scan and read fast. The problem with this is I make a lot of mistakes while reading. You might have to read to an audience or aloud, or read to comprehend. What ever the case might be, take a bit at a time. Try to be involved in the reading, flow with the rhythm and pattern. It is important you practice and practice. I read properly every day now.

Computer skills: This is a common phrase “are you computer literate”. Nowadays I wonder what that means, my perception is this if you can operate a mobile phone then you are. That been said, you need to develop skills in the use of application softwares. I guess some of you have browsing skills; you can navigate the whole World Wide Web if given the chance to do so.

Can you use Word processors, Spread sheet packages, Database packages and other computer packages? If you work in an industry you must know how to use the packages involved. For Bankers software like Finacle, Flexcube, Oracle Programs are among the common software’s. You might need to be trained to use them to have an edge over other graduate applicants.

Typing skills: I flashed back to 2001, when I learnt how to improve my typing skills. I felt it will be difficult to type without looking at the keys before pressing them. I was thought a simple skill that really helped me, placing my fingers form the left on A,S,D,F key with my thumb floating and to the right J,K,L,; Key with my thumb floating in the middle, I can easily press any key on the keyboard though it was hard to do as at then. I am happy I crossed the hurdle, looking back now to compare my skills I have saved over 2 months of time by typing fast.

I recommend the use of typing tutors software.

Leadership skills: I was once given the assignment of writing about the leadership skill of J.F. Kennedy, Jesus Christ and Mahatma Ghandi. I will limit the skills to the common attribute and skills of these leaders. Humility, empathy, integrity, resilience, faith, leadership by example, provides security, set a goal and vision, they inspire, they ask for opinions, and they listen. You can pick notable leaders and extract qualities that make them outstanding.

Management Skills: You do not have to be the CEO of a blue chip company to have a good management skill, look at yourself now and examine how you have managed certain area of your life. Management skills require passion, focus, integrity, empathy, goal getting, realistic projection, timely actions, and organised activities.

Technical Skills: Competency in a detailed course of action makes you technically skilled. Build capacity by taking short course, vocational training with research and empowerment materials to improve your skill set. However you need to practice and take action by trying what you have acquired. A doctor might be a skilled in the use of ultrasound.

Transferable skills: Some skills are hoarded; they use the term trade secret. Well most skills can be transferred either by showing you how to do it or training you. Skilled carvers have transferable skills, Chinese silversmith have transferable skills, cooks and chefs too. The trainer must be patient enough to put the receiver through, questions would be asked, and it will be annoying sometimes. With constant practice it will be transferred.

Coping skills:  This might require grace, however patience is key. This can be any of the following, a stubborn child, nagging wife, abusive husband, cheating boyfriend or girlfriend, demanding boss, dirty or annoying roommate, pestering teacher the list goes on. You need to view them as someone who needs help, be gentle with them, try and demonstrate your points rather than fuming over it. The only antidote to this is to love them even in their inadequacies.

Survival skills: This reminds me of the story of a man who survived a shipwreck and was the only one on the Island for 2 years or more. The key to his survival was to have a positive attitude. I cancer patient may live longer than a asthmatic patient who is scared of crises. If the patient believes the ailment does not limit long life. The greatest gift is life, when you have it, you have all things.

Is it a car wreck, Home fire, Flooding, Death of a loved one or Job loss? You can always start again. Great survivors are Abraham Lincoln he survived several defeats, J.F. Kennedy survived a ship wreck miles away from land and saved another life, Donald Trump and Turner survived financial mishaps, Magic Johnson still lives despite been diagnosed with HIV and Mark Cuban began his Millionaire journey after been sacked. Is your situation terrible twist it around and make it work for good.

Organizational skills:  You have to be time conscious, and act fast. You need to imbibe the habit of completing your task. Be focused and do not be drifted by distractions. Have a goal in mind and pursue it. If you have problem focusing, or fighting procrastination consider looking at the end goal and merit of doing the task at hand. Skills that will help you, get a team, delegate activities, and do activities that will have a major impact on your output. Outline your activities; learn to say to No when it is not convenient. Avoid too much burden, this include work load, debt or activities.

Resume Skills: The following skills is required by employers, Interpersonal skills, Computer skills, Communication skills, Report writing skills, Organizational skills, Management skills and Leadership skills. Other skills you might consider adding are technical skills or competence skills.

Interview skills: This will be in 3 parts –

  1. Interviewing a personality – Prepare your question before hand, research and find out more about the personality. Give the interview a theme or focus point. Don’t get distracted or swayed by the personality Get your materials ready, be on time and relax.
  2. Interviewing a job seeker: Have a goal in mind, target question based on personal qualities, and ask questions that will reveal more about the prospect. Avoid bias and ask related questions to the job offered. Test decision making skills. If possible test integrity and commitment.
  3. Job Interview skills: Good dress grooming, relax, be sincere, and follow the flow of conversation. Interviewers always leave clue of what they want, seek for it and make a point. Manners mean a lot, the way you sit, and your composure. Balance your voice if it appears a little cracked due to fear. Hid your hands under the table, shaky hands can give you away. Be prepared mentally and physiologically before going for the interview.

Soft skills: Go for training and certification programs in area where you want to develop competence. Jack of all trade is a master of none. Find your bearing and take a course that will make you fulfilled. Decision making is important, passion, focus, and time management.

This is the list of skills in detail; a comprehensive post will be made available to you. You can like our page, follow us on twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed to get an updates of this post. Feel free to request for skills you want more details on, efforts will be made to make it available. Hope you find the list of skills helpful.


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