how to start a blog

How to make money blogging 2014


How to start a blog is a full expose on the process and steps you need to take when creating a blog. A blog is typically a website that is widely accepted world wide. It is easy to create, manage and use.

Lets start with the things you need to know about blogging, and question will be addressed before the end of this series.


how to start a blog










1. How to blog

2. Where to start blogging

3. How do you blog

4. Free blog vs Paid blogs

5. Making money with blogs

6. How to manage a blog

7. Handling technical blogging issues

8. Terms and references used by bloggers

9. Recommendations

10. Case studies.

Blogging will be easier as you follow this series, and be rested assured that creating a blog will be a passion for you.

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