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Well it is so sad that a lot of network marketers I have met on a daily basis are still naïve and don’t really understand attraction marketing system and how it works and they are wasting their time and resources either cold callings on the telephones, in emails and chasing after friends and families and which ultimately leads to frustration.

You will be wondering what exactly attraction marketing is and how it applies to my online business.. This is different from interrupting lots of people with an offer they are absolutely little interesting. How would you like it where people keep joining you or purchasing your product/service instead of you running after them to join or purchase?

Attraction marketing is finding out how you can make your content or material appear to those that are actively pursuing it. If you plan to grow your network marketing business the best method you can apply to your marketing is attraction marketing system which is the new paradigm shift to the convention network marketing. Attraction marketing is relying on the idea that is much better that is much better to promote your product to prospects that are already in the trade, market or interested in the service you are offering.

Attraction marketing is no longer about selling your products and services it helps build and establish a brand for yourself. The products you sell do not sell products but people sell the products and with attraction marketing you can be successful faster than you can imagine. You will brand yourself has the most desirable part of the package and automatically you will start experiencing sales. A good attraction marketing strategies will make you the hunted instead of the hunter and you will become a professional marketer.

Attraction Marketing TipsDo you know that there is an almost number of individuals in the world searching for business opportunities? There is also a lot more in the network market that it is not really working for them; these are your targeted prospects. I will discuss some four useful strategies that can make you successful, excel has a proficient Attraction marketing expert.

Value- base sponsoring

As an attraction marketing professional, you will need to convince and attract the customers or prospects so that they will truly want and need the product or service you are offering them. These can not be achieved by throwing a lot of facts and figures at them; it is done by demonstrating what your products can do, and they also want to know what the products or service has done for you. You must be offering them solutions to the imminent problems specially marketing problems. Your life must be a true example how the product has changed your life, how you were able to achieve your dreams with the products/services you are offering, you must lead with value.


You must have determine who is your best target market, how and where are they actively looking for your product, service or business opportunities. There are a number of research tools like the Google external keyword tool, it is used to discover how people who are ‘in line’ to purchase your goods or services are searching online for your product or services. What particular words or phrases are they searching for on the internet? Which forums are they actively on? Which magazines do they read and subscribe to? Which groups on facebook or linkedIn are they active on?

Identify their challenges

You have to identify the challenges your prospects might be facing that has been a problem to them, by participating on groups or forums and answering their concerns, questions and helping them out with their worries and various challenges they might be facing. The major aim is to get them over to your internet site or blog where they will learn certain expertise. When they are now directed to your website or blog to learn more from there you will have to build their trust so they will buy from you.

Getting your word out to your prospects

Taking your products or service out to your targeted audience giving them details of what they are searching for by publishing a detail article about it on your website or blog. Start promoting this rich to content to rank higher on search engines, social media internet sites like facebook, twitter, linkedIn and many more, video platforms like Youtube and other related forums so that people who are searching for this data, product or services can easily come across it. You can also operate ads only in the media they are actively using and also ad in the magazines they do read and subscribe for.  You can use pay- per-clicks ads which are displayed only to those who are actively looking for your products or services.

Attraction marketing is truly the best, quickest, most affordable and most profitable means of conducting business online, but  you must take cognisance of the useful strategies highlighted

  • Value- base sponsoring
  • Research
  • Identify their challenges
  • Getting your words to your prospects

I believe these has really blown your mind and given a deep insight about attraction marketing. Why not start now and start attracting prospects and start been the hunted instead of been the hunter and start making money.







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