Business plan template for your internet marketing business

Do you know how to write a business plan for your internet business? Every successful internet marketer has a plan. An internet blue print make you have a concrete goal, objective, vision, mission and strategy.

More often we forget we are running a business, you may be doing it full time or part time. You need to always remember you are running a business venture. What would corporations do if they are handling the business you are doing? A concrete guide will help you navigate through the various stages of growth and development.

It is a common saying that most internet marketers quite in the first two months to three months. It is quite funny that all they need do is to be focused and persistent for the first four months before getting results, it may be faster, the idea is to have enough room to concentrate and avoid panic.

Easy way to make a business plan

Are you like many of us who have so much to do, I like to concentrate on things I can do faster. Writing a plan is very important, but it is not what I really have been doing. I need to work on a sketch or format that will make writing it faster.

internet-business-planThe solution I use is from Palo Alto, the software company called Palo Alto Software have a broad range of product designed to help entrepreneurs. Like the motto of the Boys Scout “be prepared”, you need to have it all figured out. You never know, you small business might be the next big thing on the internet.

Some business owner’s saw a business plan I created for a friend, and called me to do same for them I charged each one of the $700 for a business plan I created using the software. Though I have never worked in the area of business, the software guided me through; coupled with a research I did to come up with a good plan. Give the Palo Alto Software a shot, I bet it always come handy.

Business plan writing guide

If the software is beyond reach for you, and you need a solution. Welcome, I will give you are guide to help you write a fantastic one. If you are wondering will it fit into my business? Yes it will, follow the procedures laid out and do your home work, use practical figures where necessary, you need to give time too it is important.



2.Executive Summary

3.Mission, Strategies, etc. (Company, Strategy and Management Team)




3.4. Keys to Success

3.5.Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOTs)


4.Products and Services

5.Revenue Sources

5.1.Paid Per Click Advertising – Google AdSense, others

5.2.Affiliate Program –, others

5.3.Affiliate Program – Clickbank, others

6.Future Growth Opportunities


6.2.Membership website


6.4.Web community


7.Marketing Plan

7.1.Market Analysis


7.3.Customer Profile

7.4.Market Size, Sales & Share Projections

7.5.Strategies for reaching or exceeding your targeted sales levels

7.6.Sales Strategy

7.7.Blog 1

7.8.Blog 2

7.9. Blog 3

7.10.Advertising and Public Relations

8.Operations Plan



9.Management & Administration (Organization Plan)

9.1.Company Ownership

9.2.Managerial Style



10.Financial Plan

10.1.Projected Cash Flow

10.2.Start-up and Operating Budgets

10.3.Operating Budget

10.4.Accounting and Inventory Control System

10.5.Cash Flow Projections

10.6. Funding Requirements

The guide above is not from the software recommended, if you want the guide on how to write a business plan for your internet business. Download a copy now from the link below.

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Do you know how to write a business plan for your internet business? Every successful internet marketer has a plan. An internet blue print makes you have a concrete goal,






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