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How to get a marketing Career

Choosing a career in marketing is quite enjoyable and fun if you create a passion for it. Most people who choose a career in marketing and are actively involved in marketing has always said that it has provided them with the kind of challenge they have always craved for.

  1. Do you have all what it takes to be a successful marketer?
  2. Are you an engine filled with ideas and can generate new and innovative ideas?
  3. Can you organize those ideas and innovations and communicate it verbally?
  4. Can you work independently with little or no supervision?
  5. Can you communicate your thoughts, ideas and information clearly and detailed both verbally and in writing?
  6. Can you easily spot problems and devise appropriate and strategic methods of solving them?

If you have the above stated qualities then you can be successful in your marketing career. To  gain experience in your chosen marketing career  you must be actively involve in the participating in Volunteering service, or learning internship and community projects. Some of the potential experiences are listed below

  • Conducting Market research and analysis for a Company
  • Develop a marketing plan for a global company
  • Conducting a research on potential customer base using readily available data’s.
  • Designing an advertising or promotional campaign to promote new product or service.
  • Devoting your time to do research and survey on market potential cost, price and research for a product or service.

To become successful in your marketing it takes determination, doggedness, focus and persistence. You need to be passionate about your choice of career. You will need drive, entrepreneurialism, pragmatic thinking and well an ego to make it in marketing. I will highlight and discuss some useful tips that will help you in starting and successful in your marketing career.

Customer oriented skills

A lot of sales and customer orientated roles have skills that can be transferred into your marketing career. A good negotiation, communication, numeracy and the ability to work to meet specific deadlines are great assets to marketing. Media planning is also a great skill to possess.


A paramount consideration must be placed on your education. In a more competitive world and marketplace, diverse businesses has  more to choose from with at least a Diploma certificate, it will be hard pressed to get a position in a marketing field without a basic Diploma certificate or a professional qualification.

NetworkingMarketing career

Networking with people you come across and collecting contacts throughout your career. Even contact collected while in college is a good one you don’t lose such contacts because they might be relevant to you in the future, you don’t collect contacts only when you are job hunting. Always have a business card on you and make sure you ask for others in return, and always make sure you still keep in contact on a regular basis. Make friends with people both higher and lower than you in the social circle and career chain.

Acquire more knowledge

Don’t relax with your level of education; education is on a continuous progress. Marketing is mobile and it is never stays static. Attends conferences or seminars to analyse and determine new avenues of marketing and to deliberate and discuss the trends it is moving. Learn and acquire computer skills and programs as they change and evolve.

A well tailored and structured CV

At a junior level, a degree is less relevant than a well structured, tailored and articulated CV that makes the employers mind wanting and probing to know more. Polish your C, and highlight any practical experience you have acquired over time and any marketing classes and certifications. In respect to practical work make references to class projects, marketing projects you have handled in the past, Volunteering programs, marketing plans you have completed in classes. Also list all awards or post you have held in the past.

Be organised

A good and well organised marketer is always successful. You have to be organised and delivering what is expected of you and what you have promised to. Marketing can be quite subjective, particularly the creative side of things. You need hard and fast proven performances to proof your strategies. The greater your deep insight into your audience, the greater the result you will see.

To be successful in your marketing careers you have to take due cognisant to the point highlighted and discussed. To recap I will highlight the tips that will help you succeeding in your marketing career.

  • Customer- oriented skills
  • Education
  • Networking
  • Acquire more knowledge
  • A  well tailored and structured CV
  • Be organised

I wish you exceeding success in your marketing career.







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