Attraction Marketing Revealed

Attraction Marketing Tips

Well it is so sad that a lot of network marketers I have met on a daily basis are still naïve and don’t really understand attraction marketing system and how it works and they are wasting their time and resources either cold callings on the telephones, in emails and chasing after friends and families and which ultimately leads to frustration. You will be wondering what exactly attraction marketing is and how it applies to my online business.. This is different from interrupting lots of people with an offer they are absolutely little interesting. How would you like it where […]

How to turn an idea into a business.

great business idea

 For many business minded people and entrepreneurs it often easier to come up with a variety of ideas for a new business and difficult to actually implement those concepts, a business concepts is a bridge between a idea and a business plan. To convert an idea into a business idea it requires adequate thinking and planning about how the products or service would be sold and who will buy it, the benefits of the product or service, the competitors and mode of delivery. The unfortunate thing is that there are many people with good (or even great) ideas that […]

Technological Factors Affecting Business

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The trend in which the world is advancing technologically is quite rapid, now virtually every facet of life has been positively or negatively affected you. The growth and development in technology can help improve positively productivity of the labour force, and also reduce drastically the transportation costs, communication costs, distribution costs and production costs. A good example of technological factors that can affect business includes the change that has a positive effect on the production and distribution of a product or services. The introduction of technology into business has helped in a lot of ways even in virtually every […]

Impact of Technology on Business

Technology in business worldTechnology in business world

On the emergence of computer, handheld devices, smart phones or other communication devices. Computer has made it easier to organize files, database, personal schedules and various other forms of essential information. Information is now disseminated in a more faster and reliable means, the barriers of distance gradually fades away, and networking other business across the global has been made easier through the means of internet and many business deals are easily facilitated.  Smart phones like blackberries, HTC, iphones have now become widely popular for businesses, because they let users check and send emails from anywhere and also surf the […]

Business plan template for your internet marketing business


Do you know how to write a business plan for your internet business? Every successful internet marketer has a plan. An internet blue print make you have a concrete goal, objective, vision, mission and strategy. More often we forget we are running a business, you may be doing it full time or part time. You need to always remember you are running a business venture. What would corporations do if they are handling the business you are doing? A concrete guide will help you navigate through the various stages of growth and development. It is a common saying that […]

35 time saving premium free tools for blogging

free premium tools for blogging

Looking for a time saving free premium tools for blogging? You are at the right place; some of these tools are priceless and make you an efficient blogger. The cost you will save with these tools runs over a thousand dollars. Some of these tools have a paid version for complex task or features that require them using more resources. The services rendered are awesome. I bet you will be thankful to them.   7 Zip: (free download) An open source, free alternative to WinZip. Adobe Reader: (free download) Used to view and print PDF files. Audacity: […]

25 important wordpress plugins for your blog


You need to have these important WordPress plugins for your blog; because it gives you a great advantage. At least 80% of the list below must be installed on your WordPress blog. Though there are other plugins relevant to certain niches, these ones are important for all niche types. Akismet: This is a great plugin for blocking spam comment on your site; it comes as a default plugin on your WordPress installation. SEO Ultimate: If you want to control your SEO efforts this is a great plugin. Add description, title tag, no follow, anchor links and many more. All […]

How to earn income from adsense daily.

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Most bloggers struggle to make money on Adsense while few actually make it to the top. Over time I have discovered some recipes to earn daily income from adsense, while your traffic volume is important, it does not guarantee earnings. It may surprise you that some popular blogs earn little from Adsense. Lets get down to business and get  this sorted out. I assume you already have an Adsense account, if you don’t have one yet use the search button above to search for post on how to register for an adsense account. Patience: This is a virtue you […]

Tips for selecting the best blog name


Tips for creating the best blog name The best name chosen for a blog depends on several factors; there are key pointers to determine the ideal name for a blog. The following has to be considered, the niche, purpose, and availability. The certain names are attributed to some niche; really caralluma does not make sense to someone in a plumbing niche. Well the essence of this is to understand the factors necessary for creating the best blog name. General rule for selecting a blog name Uniqueness – The name must stand out, people have a way of relating to […]

List of skills in detail

Skills - Social and communication

List of skills in detail There are different skills available; our list of skills will identify the various skills and how to harness them. We are people of diverse attribute and abilities, even Siamese twins do have different abilities. What are you good at? Are you finding it difficult to identify the skill set you have. Are you writing a resume, or thinking of developing a skill set you’ve got. Here are the various skills available Interpersonal skills: This is seen in most resume, I doubt if most resume writer understand the meaning of interpersonal skill. It simply means […]